Super Awesome Custom Made $1,350 Game Boy-Themed Air Jordans

Game Boy-Themed Air Jordans

Today, we have a brilliant news for Game Boy and Air Jordans IV lovers, if you have a $1,350 to spend on a pair of shoes, check these bad boys out.

Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks has produced a pair of Game Boy-themed Air Jordans IV that fans of the 90s are going to fall in love with! Why are they so expensive to buy? Because there are only a limited 10 pairs that will be sold.

The sneakers look wonderful and they perfectly encapsulate everything that makes the original Game Boy so amazing. What makes these shoes even better in that the d-pad on the buttons placed on the left and right heels of the shoes are actually press-able.

Also, in case you weren’t aware. Both the Air Jordan IV’s and the Game Boy were released in 1989, so they kinda belong together.


Via: Attract Mode

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