Super Cute Star Wars Themes to Add to Your Wedding Day

Super Cute Star Wars Themes to Add to Your Wedding Day

Whether you watched the original Star Wars films in theaters, or discovered your shared love of the books together, planning your wedding around this cultural pinnacle in fantasy and science-fiction is becoming a popular theme. There are so many ideas out there for incorporating this story into your own, and here are a few of our favorites!

Super Cute Star Wars Themes to Add to Your Wedding Day 4

Cakes from the Cosmos
Whether you use a traditional white cake or go completely custom with a Death-Star shaped creation, your cake can be the crowning Star Wars design in your wedding. Use customizable Webobble bobblehead cake toppers of Leia and Han, or hire a baker with the skills to create your favorite characters from fondant. A nontraditional cake is perfect here and a great way to showcase your creativity.

Empire Approved Party Favors
Treat your guests with unforgettable souvenirs and party favors. Small light sabers or miniature figurines of Imperial Walkers will be a hit with kids of all ages. You can also turn to Star Wars themed LEGO sets and break up a few for a super cool take-home gift.

Super Cute Star Wars Themes to Add to Your Wedding Day

Droid-like Decorating
Have your wedding party hold up light sabers as you walk down the aisle together, and use them as pathway lights when the sun sets. Use old black bed sheets to make drapery, and cut tiny holes for the illusion of stars in the night sky. You can hang them around tables and use tea lights behind them for an awesome theme decoration perfect both indoors and out. Have models of the ships and space stations used as table centerpieces, or you could also use storm trooper and Darth Vader helmets for the same purpose.

Don’t forget details like your invitations, and use classic Star Wars fonts and phrases to get your theme across right away.

Star Wars Wedding Party

Don’t forget about your wedding party either. If everyone’s game, you can go all out with full costumes for fun pictures that will last a lifetime. For a more subtle way to connect your party, there are a number of etsy sellers that make customized jewelry and cuff links for cheap.

Your wedding is the start of your two lives becoming one. What better way to do it than with a story as timeless as Star Wars? Use your combined enthusiasm to set up the perfect party, complete with tiny details and over the top decorations that pay homage to your favorite tale.

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