Super-Fan Builds Awesome Toothless Couch Inspired by Dragons: Race to the Edge

Toothless Couch

‘Pimp My Ride’ Meets ‘Extreme Home Makeover,’ Today we are going to share the newest season of Super-Fan Builds, which follows Hollywood’s top prop makers and craftsmen as they create one-of-a-kind collectibles from pop culture for deserving superfans. Check out their first episode which features the build of an incredible ‘Toothless’ Couch for a deserving super fan, inspired by Dreamworks’ Dragons: Race to the Edge.

It looks awesome and amount of work went into the build is insane, I love all pop culture builds but I have to say this one is on whole new level, on their next episode they are planning to do Delorean Hot Tub Time Machine, this not only sounds awesome but it looks awesome too, check out the photo below and stay tuned, we will feature it next week when it comes online.

Delorean Hot Tub Time Machine

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