Superhero Office Mural Made by Post-it Notes

Superhero Office Mural Made by Post-it Notes

Redditor bruck7 got tired of staring at the plain walls in his office building, so he and a co-worker designed a superhero mural made out of Post-it notes to brighten things up a little bit in a really cool nerdy way. You can see in the photos that they created their own versions of Iron Man, Superman,Wonder Woman, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and more.

Sad climax to a super awesome idea: their office is supposedly moving in about six months, so all of this work was done for only a few months’ worth of enjoyment. That’s a bummer, but maybe at their new place they’ll be able to improve on these already-stellar designs and somehow make them more permanent — it’s gotta be annoying to have the sticky stuff on the Post-its wear out and random sections of your artwork just fall to the floor.


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