Superman’s Black Suit Revealed in JUSTICE LEAGUE Deleted Scene

Superman's Black Suit

Superman’s black suit is in talks and now it is appearing in Justice League. It was confirmed by the film’s cinematographer that there were scenes cut of the film featuring Henry Cavill wearing the black suit but we never saw the footage of it.

Here we have a clip of a deleted scene for you to watch where the black suit makes an entrance. As you’ll see, he’s not wearing the suit, but it featured heavily in the clip as a resurrected Clark Kent walks through the fortress of solitude for a suit to wear. There are several containment chambers that open up as he walks by. One of them reveals a space suit and another shows the black and silver suit. Clark ends up facing one of the chambers that has a brilliant light radiating from it, which I assume is his classic blue and red suit.

Cavill isn’t sporting the terrible CGI upper lip so this scene must have been shot by Zack Snyder because Joss Whedon took over. We will see if we’ll actually see footage of him wearing the black suit. Watch the video below.

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