Surreal VFX Short Film, Fast Growing Ivy That Takes Over New York City


Check out this highly surreal VFX short film called “Wrapped“, a rapidly growing ivy begins growing out of the body of a dead rat lying in middle of traffic and continues outward until it encircles and encompasses New York City and then the entirety of Earth.

“Wrapped” is a VFX driven short film by Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper and Florian Wittmann that combines Time Lapse Photography with CG to create a new reality. The short explores the effects of time and change focusing on the the worlds seemingly never ending cycles. The deterioration of one is the foundation for another. This fact takes on new dimensions when the unexpected forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our civilization.

Created by filmmakers Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper and Florian Wittmann of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, the film has won multiple awards and has been shown at over 100 film festivals around the world.

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