Sweat Your Gut Out with Xbox 360 Games

Fitness has been one of the most sought-after activities that most people engage in. Even those who are physically gifted are still willing to maintain their figure by doing daily exercises and eat balanced and healthy diets.

On the other hand, technology is making a wonderful gaming evolution on consoles. They have done some developments on games that could really be hip for those who are health buff or people who want to exercise rather than make games that are only exclusive for kids and kids at heart.

Here are the best fitness games that are applicable for all ages:

Zumba Fitness Rush for Xbox 360 Kinect


I am not a Zumba type of person who is willing to follow stuff that fit people are doing. But in just a glimpse of a second, I became the Zumba fanatic wannabe who wants to play with it on the Xbox and gain more points as I level up every time I complete the song.

It just happened that Xbox might have converted the geeky me into someone that I know I am not. I am not a good dancer as well as not a Zumba pro but I really like it and I feel like looking good after every workout done.

Obviously, I am not the target audience for fitness games especially Zumba. If you wanna mess up and just play with your remote control then, the Zumba fitness rush is not going to be the best game for you.

It was released last February of 2012 and an updated version of the original Zumba fitness which was released last 2010. The latter was decimated by critics and was tagged to be a not so good game or whatsoever. This sequel for me is a huge step in the right direction

Smart move number one for the Zumba fitness game would be by handing the making to the new developer which really addressed all the negative criticisms to the original version. The graphics were massive that the new developer changed the silhouette dancers to a 3D presentation as well as the bland background that really gave the audience a perfect vision of what to do on every dance moves.

Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventures Xbox 360

Sweat Your Gut Out with Xbox 360 Games

We all know that Jilian Michaels is a hardcore fitness expert on “The Biggest Loser”. Her motivating and sure-shot workouts really get to inspire a lot of obese and fit people to do exercise as well as eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Microsoft has made a huge leap for taking the exercises of Jilian to the hype that they included the workout adventures to a game with Kinect on Xbox 360. All the levels and the workout routines are in awesome graphics and life-like presentation of the trainer. You will also hear Jilian giving instructions and comments within the workout to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly and in the right form. Good thing Jilian didn’t yell at me when I keep on cheating the strenuous routines.


Dance Central Series

Sweat Your Gut Out with Xbox 360 Games

Dance central series has been having great reviews and people are enjoying the songs and updated tracks as well as the dances. With the life-like dancing performances of the performers with the beautiful graphics, Dance Central is one of the best made Kinect Games for Xbox 360.

Dance Central is not only to enjoy the dancing but you are sweating and giving yourself a fun workout without you noticing it. Well, I don’t actually notice that my moves are far from what the dancers are doing. (Wow! That is really the corniest joke ever. Lol)

So why not get yourself a good exercise game to stay fit and healthy? But be sure to have fun doing it too!

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