Sylvester Stallone and His Daughters Appeared in Paramount+ Super Bowl Ad Teaser Trailer

Sylvester Stallone

Another 2023 Super Bowl teaser ad is released today and it is of paramount+ commercial it features many characters who have shown on the service, including Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911!, Dora the Explorer, Beavis, and Butthead, and even some from the Star Trek franchise, and most notably Sylvester Stallone and his three daughters.

The humorous ad features the Rambo star climbing a mountain that is carved to look like his face. The other characters are talking about him below, and it’s a very funny commercial promoting not only the shows already available on Paramount, but the new series The Family Stallone, a docuseries which is going to feature Stallone, along with his real-life wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone and their daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

The eight-part doc series will be exclusively on the service this spring in the U.S. and Canada. It will be teased in a “Mountain of Entertainment” spot called “Stallone’s Face” during the Super Bowl.

Stallone has shared photos and videos on Instagram of his daughters for years now, all of whom have become social media stars in their own right. In the new series, Paramount+ vows to “offer a seat at the table of one of Hollywood’s most prominent families” by showing how the Oscar-winning actor is just a regular Dad at home.

via: Deadline

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