Tablets Are the New Laptops


Tablets have come a long way in recent years. Users can do much more than read eBooks or play games. Tablets are fast enough and have enough memory to be productive.

It’s completely unrealistic to think anyone would work on an Excel spreadsheet or compose books with a cell phone. Sure, Microsoft Office is free for mobile devices, but the screen needs to be large enough to make productivity software practical.

Thankfully, users can connect a small keyboard to a tablet and type like they would with a laptop. Real photo editing is possible on a tablet with a stylus, and there are plenty or free drawing and photo enhancement programs available online for tablets.

A photographer working on location could realistically upload photos to his tablet and edit them without having to go back to the office. No more bulky laptop. Photographers have enough to carry already.

Apps come to mobile devices first because businesses know the market is headed in that direction. Websites list the top most useful apps each year. Digital Trends has a list of 150 Android apps Jeffrey Van Camp compiled for 2015. Apps definitely are easier to access on a tablet than one a laptop or desktop computer.


Laptop Obsolescence

Experienced laptop users know working with a laptop on your lap is ridiculous. It’s too awkward to work fast, and eventually, your legs catch on fire.  Trackpads have to be replaced with a mouse just to cut down on aggravation. Tablets can be propped on anything, from a steering wheel to a big rock, and users can work with a portable keyboard or with a stylus.

Anything that can be connected to a laptop through a USB port or Bluetooth can be connected to a tablet, including a monitor with an HDMI port.

Thanks to the increased availability of free Wi-Fi, watching movies on the go is a doable thing. Watching a $5 rental on a cell phone may seem like a sacrifice, but with an 8-inch screen on a tablet, it can be enjoyable, and no lap burn will occur.

No matter how thin a laptop is, it always will be more difficult to physically manage than a tablet. How realistic is it to take photographs with a laptop? It’s easy and less dorky-looking with a tablet. According to the BBC, 70 percent of primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom use tablets.

A laptop with a touch screen is a huge waste of money and battery life, according to Avram Pitch as Laptop Magazine. The touch digitizer on a tablet will require much less battery power than one on a laptop because the tablet screen is smaller. Also, a touch screen laptop will weigh even more than a standard laptop and cost more.

Shooting video with a laptop is rather impractical, but with a tablet and a tripod mount, the respectable quality video is possible. Besides a tripod, Kent recommends shooting horizontally because vertically is useless except for sharing with friends on social media. Most monitors and televisions are horizontal, so it makes sense to shoot horizontally.

desktop pc

Desktop Replacement

The day has arrived to realistically replace a desktop workstation with a tablet. One 10-port USB 3.0 adapter, an Ethernet USB port adapter, a keyboard, a big monitor, a mouse and whatever other desired peripherals including an external hard drive can be connected to a tablet.

Chances are users already have the peripherals they need, so it’s just a matter of buying a few USB adapters and a tablet to get setup. The drudgery of replacing an old computer will be almost eliminated. If the tablet seems slow after a few years because the software has become more demanding of processor speed, then just buy a new tablet.

Price Comparison

A decent laptop or desktop will cost at least $600. Going the Apple route will cost much more. Fortunately, thanks to popularity, a good tablet only costs about $400, and it’s far more portable.

With a new tablet users don’t have to deal with a clunky operating system that requires memory-stealing updates every week. Tablet operating systems are simpler and hardly ever have to be updated. By the time a tablet OS has to be updated, the next model probably will be on sale. And there probably will be a trade-in deal.

Again, most software for tablets is inexpensive or free. Some PC or Mac software can cost thousands in subscription fees.

The Nook version of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 is an expensive alternative to a laptop. It only weighs 9.4 ounces, the battery lasts up to 14 hours, and it has GPS, Wi-Fi, a beautiful display and tons of installed software. Barnes & Noble members can save 10 percent, and BN MasterCard users can get 5 percent cash back. With those discounts, buying through BN is a better deal than buying directly from Samsung.

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