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  • 18 Animated Gifs By Michael Bay

    When Michael Bay directs animated gifs, explosions happen. Lots of them. A recent reddit post by jerip123 entitled, Unecessary Explosions unearthed a subreddit called /r/michaelbaygifs, described...

  • Perfectly Timed TV Graphics – 10 Gifs

    These TV graphics are well timed to the second, Some are pretty hilarious!                  via r/BreathingInformation

  • Weirdest GIFs Ever!

    There are things which you see and move on and then there are things which you see and they stuck with you for the rest...

  • Awesome GIFs At The Moment

  • Hilarious Gifs Of The Weekend

    We have collected some of the best Gifs for the weekend in this post! Share the post on your Google+!

  • Famous Animated Gifs By Banksy

    Artist ABVH is an animated gif monster! With over 33 pages of animated excellence on his highly active Tumblr page, ABVH is proof that the animated gif culture is...