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  • Sloths Replace Actors On Movie Posters

    Have sloths become the new cats on the interwebs? Well, they might not be quite that popular yet, but sloths have seen a massive uptick...

  • Movie Facts

    Or,..what I have learned out of watching all the action, horror movies!

  • TV AND MOVIE Funny Moments

    Best lines from your best shows and they are all here for your entertainment on this amazing Saturday night ! Tell us your favorite moment here !

  • Academy Award Face Swap

    Dustin Glick at NextMovie has taken posters or scenes from this year’s Academy Award nominees and swapped faces for some really interesting (disturbing, funny) results....

  • Hilarious TV and Movie Subtitles Dec 2012 Edition

    Amazing Movie Screencaps some creative and witty writing’s on your favourite shows ! For more Entertainment Visit Pleated Jeans !