Take The Photos Of All The Dogs In PUPPERAZZI


Pupperazzi is a new game from Kitfox Games and Sundae Month and it is coming out on January 20th in the game you can take pictures of all the dogs. You’ll be able to pet them, play with them, dress them up, have dance parties, and even terrorize them with vacuum cleaners all in an attempt to get the best photos of the many other breeds of dogs.

The world that you explore is populated entirely by dogs with no humans to get in the way of your favorite dog. Only taking 3-4 hours to finish, this looks like a fun way to consume an afternoon or probably a really awesome game to play with kids. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Epic, the PC Windows Store and Steam for $20 USD, with a 10% off launch week discount on Steam. Check out the trailer below.

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