Talaash Movie Review


Well someone recommended me this movie a while back and today i get the chance to see it and what a movie it really was , Aamir Khan was in the lead and he is one of the best Indian Actors some say he is Tom Hanks of Bollywood that’s indian film industry.

The movie was astounding really marvelous i can tell you this much about the movie without spoiling it for you .It’s an emotional mystery movie in the movie  A cop, investigating the mysterious death of a film star, meets a sex-worker, while he faces some personal problems psychologically. The mystery connects these people in a way, that ultimately changes their lives.

You can have the movie with subtitles and it’s for those viewers who admires class and perfection in their movie , It’s the most complete movie i have seen in a while and one of those movies which i didn’t want to end and you just want to see a bit more it shows a touch of the mighty India in it and it’s all pure and true.

End was the most amazing it’s full of surprises and things you can’t even imagine happening in that flow of the movie in all stretch of the movie there is something which kept you engaged there is not a single slow dull movie where you pick up the phone and start checking Facebook,

As i was saying movie got the most complete ending , I Don’t like such movies which left you hanging in the end and let you decide what really happened in the end they do say it’s the creative ending but i like my endings from the mouth of the person who made me sit there and watch the movie and want him to finish it for me and then let me decide how it’s going to be not give me the ending and leave me in the hands of jigsaw .

I highly recommend this movie if you are in for some wholesome entertainment and a different perspective of life from the most colorful movie industry in the world , Bollywood is getting mature and the movies now are more mature and ripe than ever , I know what I’m saying i saw 80’s movies and some masala songs aswell that’s all to commercial but some of these movies are just too good .

I’m thinking to review Hindi movies aswell from now on which i like and wanted for you to see .

Here is the awesome trailer for the movie .


Talaash Movie stillsSIRI 1Siri 1 (23)-32

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