Tattoo Artist Creates Black Ink Tattoo Designs That Goes With The Body’s Curvature

Black Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattoos come in various forms. They are, after all, made with unique personal motivations and completed by tattooists with unique styles. So, many tattoo lovers prefer their body art to be visually stunning and as visible as possible. But, some choose their tattoos to be sleek and minimal, and others would rather keep it a secret that only a few would know about. Ilya Brezinski’s tattoo designs are in the middle. He fuses the two ink-work aesthetics to create the most engaging and otherworldly tattoos you’ll ever see.

So, Ilya Brezinski is an accomplished Belarussian artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The accomplished illustrator is a master at applying pointillism and blackwork into his inkwork. But that’s not the only detail that makes Brezinski’s tattoos stand out.

See, unlike most tattoo artists who only focus on the design they’re inking onto their patron’s skin, Brezinski uses the subtle curvatures of the human body to complete his ink-works. This allows him to create captivating body art that effortlessly adapts to the area where the patron wants their tattoo placed.

You might say that if you’re looking to show off your ink, your best bet would be to get vibrant-colored tattoos. But Ilya’s work begs to differ because his creations are done purely in black ink and they are all pretty. Brezinski’s monochromatic designs have a surreal effect, which is primarily created by the tattooist’s expert shading technique. The clean execution of his practice allows him to create work you won’t be able to stop looking at.

It seems like Brezinski designs tattoos in two styles. One features solid silhouettes and the other comes with clean, minimal lines that use negative space to complete the design. And sometimes, he mixes these two techniques to create a unique and eyecatching tattoo, like when he inked a trio of synchronized swimmers on his patron’s triceps. His minimalist tattoos show his talent for illustration.

During the time of writing, over 110,000 people have followed his Instagram page. On the other hand, over 13,000 people are following his work on Behance and have viewed his projects over 274,000 times.

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