Teaser Trailer For Blade Runner Revelations VR Game

Blade Runner Revelations

Blade Runner Revelations VR game first teaser is launched. Developers Seismic Games gave us the first look at the upcoming Blade Runner Revelations noir adventure game, set to launch on the Lenovo Mirage Solo Google Daydream compatible VR headset later this year and it will be released on other VR platforms afterward.

Blade Runner Revelations story takes place directly after the original Blade Runner movie and before the events that lead up to the Blade Runner 2049 sequel. In the game, players take on the role of Harper, an expert blade runner, entangled in a twisted replicant plot while trying to keep the peace in 2023 Los Angeles.

As you join in the virtual reality adventure you have to search for evidence and clues to find the truth. Cool and futuristic weaponry, Esper image reconstruction technology, and flying vehicles will be made available to you as well as a unique free-movement design. Greg Borrud, CEO of Seismic Games, explains more about the upcoming VR adventure set in the future.

Seismic Games continues to invest and focus on creating high production game titles that authentically engage and transform major IPs into compelling and expansive interactive experiences for the fans. Collaborating with Alcon Media Group, Google and Lenovo for Blade Runner: Revelations has been an absolute honor, and we can’t wait to hear what the fans and general VR users think as they explore the game.

Source: VR Focus

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