Technology Guidelines For Job-Seeking Graduates 

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In case you recently graduated and seeking job placement, then easy and simple guidelines on choosing the correct word when networking, writing better resumes, and cover letters, have the potential to affect your life positively for the better. Graduates get used to joining LinkedIn and cleaning their Facebook profiles. However, there is more to having well informed online presence and angling to the job you so desire. This article focusses on guidelines for networking, job search sites, and related technology that will drive you to success in searching for a job and probably in your professional life after that. You can also find more content on this topic from custom dissertation services.

Customize your resume and cover letter for each job you are applying

The majority of graduates know that they should write a distinct cover letter for every job they are applying for. However, they should also author a unique and original resume that addresses the prospective employer and the position applied. To be able to do this, look for specific guidelines on this blog.

Search for jobs in four categories of online places.

Four primary categories of places to look for jobs online exist:

  • A social network that includes email
  • Location-based job sites. For instance, everybody in San Francisco Bay posts their adverts on
  • Field-based job sites. They are websites that post jobs in your area of study and experience.
  • General job sites. They are generic and include CareerBuilder and LinkedIn.

A general search will enable you to see good jobs that are suitable for your everyday. Therefore, cast you are net wider for better results.


The organization is searching for your dream job

It is essential to be effective in customizing your resume for every place you apply for a job. Employ an organized approach, so that you do not apply for the same vacancy twice or email the same people repeatedly. In other words, this entails managing several online searches.


Demonstrate your interests without being disparate

Make use of your social network handles to reach everyone you know about your interests, together with your areas of expertise and your skills. Inform them how valuable and exciting you are in your field without necessarily sounding desperate. Occasionally post about topics that genuinely interest you and share the reasons. After that, do a follow up with comments.


Make use of one email address

It is essential to have a single professional email address for networking, job application, and professional outreach. Your email address should consist of your official names or variation of your initials or names. It is not good to include university affiliation, year of birth, or city abbreviation to your email address id since you will reveal outdated information that might work against you.


Clean and spice up your accounts on social media

Make an effort to clean and spice up your accounts on social media to project a professional image online. Facewash is a tool that screens your Facebook account for bad language. It further searches your account for terms that may sound worrisome when searching for a job, after that you can delete or edit them.


Use your industry language

Online networking is very beneficial because it teaches you to use your industry language and tone. Some industries value their professionalism more than anything else does, while in others, casual language is acceptable and can get you to raise even faster. The use of the wrong tone in your cover letter could be why you do not get any consideration at all.


Put down in writing your goals

With technology, you can always, you can easily review your notes, review changes, and updates them as you progress along the way. It even becomes essential when your notes are your goals and objectives that you want to accomplish within a period. Goals written on a piece of paper can easily get lost or torn apart.


Once employed, document your job workflow

When you land that dream job, create an impression on yourself and your boss by documenting your workflow and office procedures.




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