Technology in Prometheus

Technology in Prometheus


In Prometheus, the movie that released as a prequel to Alien(1979), where you’d see a plethora of futuristic science and technological advancements that are going to bamboozle you with the execution. Here is a discussion on 2 of the most notable technologies that we could probably see coming to us and how! Although, I am not too sure whether we’d WANT o see that coming to us personally. Ridley Scott, with his animated versions to a vision that he has, has given us quite some meat to discuss. Although it is quite intriguing to understand and definitely leads to a debate as to when and how these things would actually come and serve us, but then again, that is why we are discussing it out here!

The hibernation in Deep-Space

Mission is to reach LV-233! Whats that? Thats the moon which has been discovered by star charts etched on the walls of caves surrounding the earth. How to do this? Keep the crew of a spaceship in a suspended animation! Thats about fine. But how are they being monitored here. Hello android man. Played by Michael Fassbender, David is an android device that looks like a human; he keeps a track on all of this. After waking up from a long, extremely unconscious state, each of the spaceship crew shows a different reaction. Some display nausea while others make a hurried attempt to get their muscles back in action by getting involved in some sort of a physical activity. This, was also showcased in the sequel that premiered back in 1979 and has been a part of quite a few sci-fi movies already. but how far are we from actually seeing our space men indulge in similar activities? Scientists of already done a similar project on black bear’s reactions to space after hibernation in 2012

The Medical procedure Pods that have been automated through and through

Technology in Prometheus


If you get a chance of watching the movie, you’d encounter an automated medical procedure pod that helps Elizabeth Shaw perform a Caesarian section on herself in it. If you look at it, its as simple as lying down inside the pod, understanding what medical procedure you want on yourself for a cure and let the machine handle it for you. The machine carefully does operate the woman, but not as easily as you may think of it. It cuts through and opens her up, performs what is required, consequentially staples her back; all this while the patient watches!

Scary! That could be an understatement. It could well shake you for a bit if you try and assume yourself going through the same. The question is, would you want to? WOuld you have the nerve to let a machine rip you up and then decide on you to stitch you back? We do have our doubts on our surgeons before going in for an operation, but at least they are humans to know what’s going wrong. Would we really see ourselves bidding a formal goodbye to our surgeons. In an honest opinion, I for one would completely lose it right there.

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