Ten Netflix Horror Movies So Scary, Viewers Can’t Even Finish Them

Conjuring 2

The criteria were that Netflix users made it at least 70% of the way through the movie, but turned it off before finishing it. So if you want a really terrifying horror movie to truly test your strength, it appears the movie below will check it for you. Check out these ten movies, in no particular order, along with their Rotten Tomatoes score and IMDB ratings:

1. Cabin Fever (2016, RT: 0%, IMDB: 3.7)
2. Carnage Park (2016 RT: 61%, IMDB: 4.9)
3. México Bárbaro (2014, RT: 60%, IMDB: 4.9)
4. Piranha (2010, RT: 74%, IMDB: 5.5)
5. Raw (2016, RT: 90%, IMDB: 7.0)
6. Teeth (2007, RT: 80%, IMDB: 5.4)
7. The Conjuring (2013, RT: 86%, IMDB: 7.5)
8. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011, RT: 30%, IMDB. 3.9)
9. The Void (2016, RT: 75%, IMDB: 5.8)
10. Jeruzalem (2015, RT: 59%, IMDB: 4.7)

As you have noticed Veronica is not on the list, because it is on the scale of its own and not much data is available for it right now.

It is more likely on the tone with The Conjuring than the others, as it’s a movie that actually scares the bejesus out of you rather than just make you sick, so do watch that as well if you are looking for something really terrifying.

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