Terrifying HIS HOUSE Trailer- A Refugee Couple Are Placed in a Haunted House


Netflix is releasing the movie HIS HOUSE, and they have released the first trailer, giving you a small taste of the supernatural evil that this story has to offer.

The story follows a young refugee couple who flee from war-torn South Sudan and end up trying to adjust to their new life in a small English town living in a haunted house where an evil prowls beneath the surface.

The movie comes from director Remi Weekes:

Many refugee stories end in the same place: a safe (if slightly bewildering) new home. And that’s where His House begins, with a Sudanese couple arriving in a quiet English town for their “happily ever after.” But as their acclimation process falters, we realize that there’s more to blame than cross-cultural misunderstanding. Things begin to go disastrously wrong. “Screaming nightmares” wrong. “Blood magic” wrong. And then, it gets much, much worse.

Corrin said, “You may think you’re tired of haunted house movies. How many times can they tell the same story? While you may be right, I beg you to give this one a chance.” She went on to say, “While this is the classic story of a family trying to make it work in a new house while haunted by their past, the story of refugees running from their war-torn home gives it a more real and contemporary feeling.” She added, “The film is packed full of genuinely terrifying scenes.”

The director told SyFy:

“For many of us who aren’t white British growing up in England, we always find ourselves torn between wanting to assimilate to fit into the primary culture and then the other side that wants to rebel and pull away from it and discover what is our place and our home. I felt that was a good starting place for this kind of story. I love movies and I love storytelling and always felt that if I could infuse the ideas I had growing up with the kind of movies I like, that would be the kind of space I’d like to make films in.

“The two characters are from South Sudan, the Dinka tribe, so we did a lot of research into them. A lot of the ideas and myths within the film are based on the stories that are popular there. It was really fun to research. We went through the scripts again and again in terms of language and food and just little things that will butt against British things and Britishness. I think we’ve been very good in the West to sell a fantasy of what the West is and it’s really convincing. For many people who come to England, they feel like, ‘Oh, this is it!’ And that’s always very fascinating.”

The horror movie stars Javier Botet, Wunmi Mosaku Sopé DìrísùWunmi Mosaku, and Matt Smith. His House will be available on Netflix on October 30.

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