Terrifying New Trailer for the Eco-Horror Creature Film GAIA


Check out the new great trailer for the upcoming eco-horror horror thriller which is called Gaia, it is said to be a creature feature, and I love a good creature movie! The movie is set in a forest that is ruthlessly killing people, and as you’ll see, the movie is going to be packed with loads of blood and gore and other disturbing imagery.

Gaia 2021prymix.com-940433945.jpg

“an injured forest ranger on a routine mission is saved by two off-the-grid survivalists. What is initially a welcome rescue grows more suspicious as the son and his renegade father reveal a cultish devotion to the forest. When their cabin is attacked by a strange being it’s clear there is a far greater threat in this unrelenting wilderness.”

The movie was directed by Jaco Bouwer, and the film stars Monique RockmanCarel NelAnthony Oseyemi, and Alex Van Dyk.

Gaia will be in theaters on September 24th, with a digital release following on September 27th.

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