Terrifying Trailer for the Horror Thriller THE GOLEM Based on Jewish Folklore

The Golem

If you don’t know the Jewish folklore, a Golem is a being that is magically formed completely from inanimate material like clay or mud and has human-like features. There’s a big silence movie that was released in 1915 called The Golem. The most famous version of the legend includes Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel in the 16th century. He created the Golem to defend his people from anti-Semites.

There’s a new movie coming out called The Golem that really looks like an awesome and eerie movie. We have a trailer for that movie today, and it is based on “a woman in a devout Jewish community that is besieged by foreign invaders who believe that the Jews have cursed them with a plague. In order to protect her village, the woman conjures a creature in the visage of her deceased child which turns out to be more dangerous than she ever imagined.”

The movie was directed by The Paz Brothers, and the cast of the movie includes Hani FurstenbergIshai GolenBrynie FurstenbergAdi KvetnerLenny Ravich, and Alex Tritenko.

The Golem will hit theaters on February 5th.

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