Terrifying Trailer For The Korean Horror Thriller THE MIMIC


Check out this new creepy trailer for a new Korean horror film called The Mimic. This movie is inspired by the South Korean urban legend of the Jangsan Tiger, Here’s the synopsis:

The Jangsan Tiger, who mimics human voices to lure them close, encounters a family affected by the creature. A classic Korean ghost story gets a horrifying new spin in The Mimic, as the mother of a missing child takes in a lost girl she finds in the woods and soon begins to wonder if she is even human.

I like Korean movies because they are quite scary and twisted. Don’t take in a creepy stray girl that you find walking around in the woods! We all know that is asking for trouble! The movie looks great and I am sure I will love it. You can watch the trailer below and tell us in the comments what you think about it.

The Mimic was written and directed by Korean filmmaker Huh Jung, who also directed the horror film Hide and SeekThe Mimic is set to be released in select US theaters starting June 12th.

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