That’s How Matt Damon Cameo in DEADPOOL 2 Happened

Matt Damon

For those of you who didn’t know, Matt Damon made a cameo appearance in Deadpool 2 alongside Alan Tudyk. He was completely unrecognizable as one of the two rednecks that were discussing the best ways to wipe their butts.

Matt Damon Cameo in DEADPOOL 2

It’s kinda crazy that they managed to get both Damon and Brad Pitt in the movie! In case you were wondering how they convinced Damon to sign up for the part, co-writer Rhett Reese shared the information on the home entertainment release.

Spoilers in the video below:

He explains that he was doing a comedy bit for star Ryan Reynolds about the “inadequacy of toilet paper to create the appropriate hygiene for a human being.” When they decided they needed to work it into the movie, they felt they needed to bring on an “Oscar-caliber” actor to deliver such a fine speech. So, Reynolds reached out to Damon, and he ended up liking the script enough to jump on board!

“Matt was very receptive so Ryan ended up sending him the pages. Matt called him back and said ‘I’m in.'”

Apparently, he even turned to wet wipes! Co-writer Paul Wernick went on to joke that, “Matt’s now a wet wipe guy himself after he read the pages.”

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