That’s How Mirror Scenes are Shot in Movies and TV

How Mirror Scenes are Shot in Movies and TV

Every thought about how they shot mirror scenes in movies and TV? Here’s a video that was created and released by Insider and it explores the ways that mirror scenes are shot in movies and TV without showing the camera in the reflection. Shooting these scenes can be difficult, but the production teams are very creative to pull this tricky shot.

Mirror shots in movies are especially challenging, as it’s hard to shoot a character’s reflection without accidentally revealing the camera. So Hollywood has many visual tricks to avoid this. Movies like “The Lady from Shanghai” and “It Chapter Two” used two-way mirrors. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” didn’t use a mirror at all and instead had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton standing on one side of an open frame looking into a double set with body doubles mimicking their every move. Better visual effects meant movies like “Birdman” could shoot a real mirror and easily erase the camera later. For “Last Night in Soho,” Edgar Wright used a combination of these techniques, and many more, so Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy could mirror each other’s movements.

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