The 100 Greatest Movie Maniacal Laughs


We associate hysterical laughter with on-screen villains and it is quite true as well. Even good guys get the chance to cackle like stark-raving fools for the good of a memorable scene.

The video starts very strong with the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. My favorites, after that, have to be Hugo Weaving’s disturbingly fake laugh as Agent Smith from one of the Matrix movies, Dennis Hopper’s Super Mario Bros. laugh, or Wallace Shawn’s boastful bray from Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride.

There’s a steady stream of animated villains cracking it up in the clip. Cartoon laughter seems to cut the deepest. And, of course, there’s a whole segment of the clip assigned to the insane laughter of Nic Cage. Because he is the master of hysterical laughter.

You will also see Lord Voldemort gets in on the joke here, as does ppossessReagan from The Exorcist. Jabba the Hut’s will also make an appearance in the video. So is Tom Hanks’ wheezing laugh from The Money Pit, which is my favorite movie. All three on-screen Jokers are also showcased. Gary Oldman’s best laughs are simply glorious. David Bowie makes the cut and displayed some amazing on-screen laughs, as well. This is one well made and well-researched video and I absolutely love it.

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