The 12-Foot Home Depot Halloween Skeleton is Coming Back!

Home Depot Halloween Skeleton

The classic 12-foot skeleton is now available on the Home Depot website. The Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, for now, is out of stock.

Home Depot revealed its Halloween and holiday decorations collections on Wednesday, July 14, which includes a restock of the fabled 12-foot giant skeleton with LCD LifeEyes that rocked the internet to its core last year. The skeleton will be in stock on Home Depot’s website on July 16, according to the retailer, and it will set you back $299, the same amount it cost you in 2020.

If you have an extra $50 in your “12-foot skeleton” budget, Home Depot will also be selling an improved, weirder version of the 12-foot skeleton. The “Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton” has a pumpkin for a head, a “refined hourglass figure,” and flames in his ribcage, which we can only imagine is due to hard acid reflux.

Check out Home Depot’s website on July 16.

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