The $40,500 Refrigerator: And It Has Many Features

The $40,500 Refrigerator

If you work two to three jobs just to make ends meet and make your rent, then this monstrosity of a refrigerator is probably out of the question. In fact, for sane people with normal budgets and normal-sized homes, this $40,500 is thousands of dollars too much.

This multi-door refrigerator comes with a number of compartments for possibly every refrigerating need that you might have. Here’s a list of what you can expect, in no particular order:  a refrigerator compartment, freezer, ice maker, dry storage pantry, coffee maker area, microwave, steam oven, and multi-function oven.

In short, it’s actually a number of household and kitchen appliances, all combined into one. It’s one of those things which is best suited for the rich and famous. And maybe for the rich but not-so-famous, because it would definitely look totally out of place in your flat. Especially if this is the only thing that you can cram inside your apartment.

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