The 5 Best Hollywood Wedding Movies of All Time


We all love, and weddings and love to take a walk down the aisle. Once you take care of all the planning part of the wedding, it’s just two people saying that they’ll love each other forever in presence of lots of people they love and care about—it’s sufficient to bring tears to most people. That’s seemingly why tales about people getting married have literally been celebrated since the days of Shakespeare. Like all the real weddings in the real world, films about marriages can make you laugh and cry and sometimes at the same time. Check out 5 of our favorite wedding movies of all time or you can check out the real brides of Ukraine.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Most of the movies are about the universal idea of weddings or characters who happen to work in the wedding business, and other films are about the whole process of preparing and performing a wedding. My Big Fat Greek Wedding throws in some funny and witty cultural commentary and it is quite a fun watch when you are down.

Mamma Mia!

I’m not quite sure what is more magical about the movie: Eternal love or the music of ABBA. With Mamma Mia!, you don’t have to pick. The excessive big-screen adaptation of the Broadway hit features Meryl Streep as a mother of the bride to be who discovers herself suddenly confronted by the three men who could be the father of her daughter’s dad. This is one fun movie to watch on a weekend if you haven’t watched it still.

The Wedding Singer

I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of Sandler or his movies, but somehow this one I like. Rom-com leads just agree with the kind of chemistry you can’t create on demand. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have worked in the past and their couple is well-loved among fans, over many years, to be such a hit pair of Hollywood. Their 1998 The Wedding Singer points to the start of their decades-long onscreen love.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Some of the weddings are bittersweet—for example, if you love the groom and trying to keep him happy, but have newly come to understand that you love the groom and want him for yourself, only. That’s the story of a classic Julia Roberts wedding movie, It is about a woman trying to be happy for her best guy friend, while also trying to steal him for herself from her bride-to-be. This is a brilliant watch if you haven’t watched it still, it is a must-watch if you are looking for a good wedding movie.


Pop culture of gender stereotypes tells us that ladies love weddings and everything about the massive weddings. But some ladies aren’t born with the dream-wedding-planning dream and some women aren’t just happy to put all of their own problems on hold for a year to prepare their best friend’s wedding day. Check out Bridesmaids, which hold the inner conflict and outside stress that a lot of ladies go through not just through their own wedding preparation process, but for their friend’s wedding as well who they really love. This is the one for you ladies, get a glass of wine and get your friends together you will make a night out of it.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is an all British classic starring movie that features a very young Hugh Grant as a twentyish at the top of the marriage period. In a year, he continues to four weddings and through one funeral—and the effects of all the weddings, and the one funeral, are life-changing for him. Hugh Grant looks and acts stunningly in this amazing movie. Check out the trailer below:

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