The 5 Best Vape Tricks to Show Off at Your Next Party

Vape Tricks

Do you want to impress all of your friends at your next party? Here are some awesome vape tricks for you to show everyone.

The vaping and e-cigarette industry growth isn’t slowing down. By 2021, it’s estimated that over 55 million adults will be regular vapers.

Vaping reduces the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. It also won’t turn your teeth and fingers yellow!

Looking for some vape tricks to bust out at your next party? Keep reading below for five awesome tricks anyone can learn.

1. O-Rings

Chances are, you’ve seen someone blow an O-Ring. It’s a popular trick for both vapers and smokers. While it is very common, it’s actually not as easy as you may think. At least not to get well-defined O’s.

To begin, take a drag without pulling vapor into your lungs. Move your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and make an O with your lips. Push vapor out using your throat, similar to a minor cough.

Once you have the technique down, feel free to blow multiple O’s or create spin for extra excitement.

2. Ghost Sightings

The Ghost is a great trick for beginners. It’s also known as “Mushroom Cloud” or “Snap Inhale.” The shape is formed by blowing out a vapor cloud and then sucking back in.

To begin, take a drag and let it sit in your mouth for a few moments. Then push out in a ball shape. Do this a few times until you get good at it. Lastly, inhale the entire vapor. This leaves a ghost-like trace of vapor.

If you are a true beginner, consider looking into these SMOK kits. They will set you up with everything you need to enjoy vaping.

3. Dragon Breath

This is a great vaping trick. Smoke will come out of your nose and make you look like a dragon.

After taking a drag, force the vapor through your nose and out the corners of your mouth. Keep your lips closed in the middle.

4. French Inhale

A well-known vaping trick, the French Inhale (or Irish Waterfall) is more difficult. Vapor will flow out of your mouth up to your nose.

To start, take a big drag and trap the vapor in your mouth. Open your mouth slightly so the vapor starts to seep out. Push your lower lip out and breathe in through your nose, all while pushing vapor out with your tongue.

Continue to inhale through your nose to keep the waterfall effect going. This trick will likely take you some time to perfect so don’t give up if you struggle at first.

5. Beyond O-Rings: Triangle Vape Tricks

This trick is definitely an advanced one and only work on this after being able to nail an O-ring. Because you can’t make a triangle with your mouth, you will use your hands.

Take a big drag. Blow out an O-ring as thick as possible. Then take your hand and tap down or up twice on the side of the ring. This will bend the circle into a triangle.

Practice until you get your timing just right.

Impress Your Friends at Your Next Part

Take these five vape tricks and get ready to have some fun. No matter how long you have been vaping, you will be able to impress all your friends.

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