The AVATAR Sequels New Details Explore Pandora which is Where They’ll All Be Set


Here are some new details about the four upcoming sequels to Avatar, here are a few things that producer Jon Landau has said regarding the movie sequels.

First, they will all take place on Pandora. This is the most interesting aspect to me as a lot of sci-fi films tend to say a world has a single ecosystem and so you only need to go to one section of the planet to know what it’s like. However, Landau said this:

“As we’ve moved on with the sequels to Avatar we made a very conscious decision to stage the whole four sequels on Pandora. We don’t need to go to another world if we want water, we’re going to go to the oceans of Pandora.

It’s a continuation of the same characters, but what happen when warriors that are willing to go on suicide charges, and leap off cliffs on to the back of big orange toruks, what happens when they grow up and have their own kids? It becomes a very different story. Now the kids are the risk-takers and the change-makers. So, it’s interesting, but it makes sense to me. Everybody’s either a parent, or they had parents at the very least, and if you look at the big successful franchises now, they’re pretty much uninterested in that.”

This could work very well for them, particularly with how much people really liked the first movie. This also matches in with the next point that we’re looking at.

There are different clans of Na’vi all over Pandora. It sounds like Pandora is a mirror of Earth as there are supposedly other clans and cultures in various environments.

“We’re going to go to totally different environments, we’re going to meet different cultures. Just like our planet is as diverse culturally as we are environmentally. We want to introduce people to different cultures. In the first movie, we only met the Omaticaya clan, and they are the clan here allowing us to come to the Valley of Mo’ara. But as we venture out we’re going to different environments and different clans.”

Finally, the theme parks present some new creatures that we’ll be able to see in the movies.

“Also, some of those creatures that you see [on Flight of Passage], don’t be surprised if they show up in the films.”

Avatar fans should head on over to the Animal Kingdom to check out World of Avatar.

Avatar 2 will hit theaters on December 18, 2020.

Source: Inside the Magic

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