The AVENGERS: ENDGAME IMAX Trailer Answers a Question

Avengers 4

The IMAX trailer for Avengers: Endgame has released, and with it has come to some more accurate information. After all, because of the different aspect ratio, more can be seen. The thing that is clear in this trailer is Nebula is with Tony Stark aboard the Benetar.

The new aspect ratio allows us to view more of the face of the person that Nebula touches on the shoulder and it does seem to have some stubble like Tony. Some fans had speculated that it was Steve Rogers, or I had even heard speculation that it was Gamora. Watch the trailer below:

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, what do you think? I’m still not sure that any of the scenes shown are real and will be included in the movie. We know that fake footage was shot for Endgame and Infinity War. We know that few of the scenes in the Infinity War trailer were fake scenes. I’ve included a video below comparing the IMAX trailer to the original trailer.

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