The Batmobile in DC’s TITANS Is Inspired by BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES


If you’re watching DC’s Titans, In the most recent episode, viewers got their first look at the Batmobile and I really love it.

The big Batmobile unveil came during a flashback scene that involved Dick Grayson’s Robin in the Batcave as he is monitoring some screens. You can see the Batmobile parked behind him in the scene.

As you can see, the vehicle has a much more sleek look to it. It looks to me like it was inspired by the design of the Batmobile in Batman: The Animated Series, which is my favorite Batmobile design. The version in Titans is a bit more rounded on the edges and it has a red pinstripe, but you can easily see the influence of an animated version of the car.

Hopefully, we’ll end up finally getting a full view of the new Batmobile.

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