The Benefits of Taking a Logo Quiz


Logos are an important part of a company’s livelihood. Gone are the days when a full company name each time the company appears in an advertisement. Logos are the new way of life. Everything from grocery stores, to law firms, to blogs have logos. The interesting thing about logos is that they commit more to memory then a name would.

Each day, customers run across thousands of company logos. Some are recognizable and some are new to consumers. One of the best ways to find out how many businesses are recognizable to you, and which industry you are most familiar with, is to take a logo quiz. There are a number of inherent benefits to a logo quizzes for consumers.

Understanding just how much you take in

Commercial jingles, business slogans, and company logos are not items that most consumers try to commit to memory. These small details are slow repeated enough that they become routine and recognizable to the general public. By taking a logo quiz, you may find yourself surprised at just how many logos you recognize. Dozens of logos, to hundreds of logos may be in the back of your mind without even realizing it. You will be amazed at just how much you know, without knowing it.

Learn what companies are important

If banking company logos are easier than all other industries, you may be a financial buff. If you know more sports team logos for all types of sports without a second thought, you may just be one of the biggest sports fans ever. Figuring out where you stand with the recognition of logos can let you know where you spend most of your free time and just what your brain considers important due to your exposure.

Discover more about history

Brands tend to change over time, especially as logo and branding is concerned. While taking a logo quiz, you may get some wrong, as you know the logos to look different. A logo quiz can keep you up to date on new branding changes. Logo quizzes can also give you some information on if a brand that you have had a previous logo that you don’t know. Some logos can help you learn about the history of a company and how the business has changed overtime to fit the needs of the new age.

Find a great company

If you don’t recognize a logo, the logo quiz answers can help you figure out the company. After some research, you may find a company that you may enjoy. Under the quiz answers, look up some of the companies that you did not recognize. Some of these companies, you may have heard of but not had exposure to as of yet. The quiz can give you some good insight into a new business or industry.


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