The Best 90s Fantasy Movies

Good fantasy films have a fairly strong plot and influence most viewers. So much so that they are often locked inside the heads of many. Even if you are not so passionate about this genre, it will leave a mark on you.

It is hard not to have heard of a good fantasy movie. People tend to talk about them a lot. Especially the classics. Because a hundred movies is a lot, and you probably won’t see them all, here are the best fantasy movies that marked the 90s era and are still successful today.


Jurassic Park (1993)

The first Jurassic Park film is one of the most remembered movies in history. Many say this is the best of them all. The film is set in a kind of amusement park created by a millionaire and a group of scientists, who together manage to bring dinosaurs back to life. But something goes wrong and things get out of control. The dinosaurs escape, endangering the lives of everyone.

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Toy Story 4

Toy Story (1995)

How many of you have ever seen the movie, Toy Story? It is impossible to forget this film that brought Pixar to worldwide fame. When little Andy leaves his room, his toys come to life and form a whole society under the leadership of his favorite doll, Woody the cowboy. Living toys that go through fun adventures and sorrows, just like a human being. Pure fantasy!

This movie has left its mark on many children who were born in the 90s. However, today’s children also find it attractive, and all indicates that history is repeating itself with this new generation. This 1995 film was such a phenomenon that it continued the story with three subsequent films! Did you know who is behind the voices of the toys? Tom Hanks as the beloved Woody, while Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger.


Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin is a Walt Disney Pictures animated film released on November 25, 1992. It is the company’s thirty-first animated film and the sixth classic tale it has adapted. It is also the first film to incorporate 3D animation software to create the entrance to the Cave of Wonders and the Magic Carpet.

This film is based on the story “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, part of a collection of medieval tales of oriental origin: “One Thousand and One Nights”. A story full of romance, humor and above all fantasy: a flying carpet and, a genie, who appears by rubbing a lamp to fulfill your wishes.


Ghost (1990)

For the memory of every 90s movie buff, who doesn’t remember Swayze and Moore molding the mud, along with the famous music of “Unchained Melody”? Ghost is that movie that everyone remembers precisely because of this scene and the background music.

The year of the release of this film was also the year of “Pretty Woman”. They were competing. Do you know who won? Do you have any idea? If you answered “Ghost” you got it right. Ghost won the competition with over $500 million at the international box office!

Magical worlds, beautiful and frightening creatures, parallel universes, among other characteristics that define this attractive genre. Fantasy is all of these things. The fantasy genre teleports you to scenarios that you could never imagine, moments that you will probably never experience in real life. And that is one of the greatest effects of these movies. If you are talking about fantasy films, at least one of the above-mentioned should come out. Did you remember any of these movies?

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