The Best Cameras for Interior Photography

Canon Camera

Interior photography is very demanding. It heavily relies on the kind of equipment and knowledge you have. From the right camera and lens to proper lighting and post-processing techniques, every little detail matters a lot. If you can’t capture good quality real estate photos, you’ll have to make them, and vice versa.

Great photos can become crucial in your advertising campaigns, from printed brochures to websites to your mailing list. Buyers and buyer agents are looking forward to seeing high-quality, well-lit photographs that make homes look appealing and welcoming.

However, the question as to which are the best cameras for interior photography is very tricky because every camera has its own cons and pros. More importantly, the best fit for you depends on the cost.  Here’s some information that can help you get the right camera for your needs.

Large Sensor

There’s no restriction when it comes to the sensor size you can shoot with. However, larger sizes (35mm) are the best choices. They allow you to fully make use of your wide angle lens. However, the lens must be specifically designed for a 35mm camera.

Larger sensors also allow for better exposure in low-light conditions. This is because they have more light pixels that are individually bigger to ensure that there’s more light intake capacity. Unfortunately, larger sensors can be costly.

Sharp Sensor

Older cameras come with a sensor that has an Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF). Shooting with them results in image softness. Get a modern camera that lacks this feature and you’ll shoot images that are sharper, especially when using a tripod.

Great Low Light Performance

One reason Kalory interior photography produces high-quality images is that they use cameras that provide excellent low light performance. In poor lighting conditions, you need a great dynamic range since you’ll have to shoot with a high ISO setting. You also require a minimal noise signature to avoid getting noisy images.

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High Dynamic Range

In situations that demand that you shoot at high ISO, you’ll need a camera with a good dynamic range. In some circumstances, this may not be useful when taking photos of stationary objects from a tripod. However, hand-held images demand much more than that.

Your camera should also be able to capture images with low noise thresholds. For instance, if your indoor shots feature both the interior and exterior views, Photoshop can’t balance exposure when the dynamic range is poor. With a good camera, however, your images can be completely noise-free even when you push shadows in your posts to the extremes.

Examples of Great Interior Photography Cameras

Here are the best cameras for interior photography and their estimated costs:

  •         Sony Alpha a7S II ($2,198)
  •         Sony Alpha a7R III ($2,998)
  •         Nikon D850 ($3,296)
  •         Sony Alpha a9 ($3,998)
  •         Canon EOS 5D Mark IV ($2,799)
  •         Nikon D5 ($6,497)
  •         Canon EOS-1D X Mark II ($5,499)


The kind of camera you have determines to a great extent the quality of photos you’ll get for your interior projects. The best cameras that you can use are those with great low light performance, good dynamic ranges, and 35mm, sharp sensors.


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