The Best Laughs You Get from Rage Comics

Rage Comics

Even you do not have that artistic ability but you offer pretty funny tales, you can probably do some and share them via rage comics. Rickrolling and Keyboard Cat are two of the famous internet memes persist to grow nearly five years following its humble beginnings. Now, there are many of these comics posted every day. Most of these are made by anonymous people who are searching for an audience with whom they can share their wit. Some of the famous themes are private shame in bathroom or bedroom or public embarrassment.


Although there is an increasing number of cartoonists for this comic, it has sustained the recognizable style of stock art faces in rage or frustration. This unique artistry plus the funny storyline makes up what authors hold and support via websites where readers can stick to the predefined set of text styles and images. Other websites featuring this comic share an audience who find originality and limits for the cruel funniness. The audience identifies themselves with the frustration of the author forced to deal with the anonymity of the character.

Self-Made Rage Comic 

One way that you can express yourself similarly with how these rage comics are made is through the Rage Maker. Begin with a blank four-panel comic strip then import and draw images using your mouse. Try with a simple dialogue between the clip-art hears. You can search through their sporting expressions via the Neutral menu. Afterward, drag the faces in the panels found at the lower right corner of the inserted face for resizing. Move it around the panel then grab anywhere else and drag. If you are still confused on how to make your own comic strip, try to familiarize yourself with a few comics having verbal conventions. Resist the urge of cramming too much and remember each dialogue per panel from left to right for organized conversation as well.

Easy Formula for Rage Comics 

You can set up dialogues between two characters and have the other character say exasperating or unexpected comments. For you, comic strip to be published, have it saved and upload to an image-sharing website. This will take you to another site for your uploaded comic strip. Remember that you should not force yourself in starting your comic strip. Just let the ideas and frustrations flow into that comic strip. Have it published by a credible website then have your readers enjoy your ideas.

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