THE BEST MAN Action Packed Trailer Starring Luke Wilson and Dolph Lundgren


Luke Wilson and Dolph Lundgren, two well-known actors with a history of memorable roles, are teaming up for a new action thriller called The Best Man. Directed by Shane Dax Taylor, who has previously worked on films such as The Grey and Bloodworth, the movie is co-written by C. Alec Rossel and Shane Dax Taylor, and based on a story by Daniel Zirilli.

In addition to Wilson and Lundgren, the cast also includes Brendan Fehr, Nicky Whelan, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Scott Martin. The film follows the story of a former Army veteran named Cole (played by Scott Martin) who attempts to protect his best friend from a dangerous drug cartel while also confronting his own past demons.

Despite the impressive cast and crew, some critics are already skeptical about the movie’s potential. The trailer seems to showcase the typical action scenes and predictable plotlines that are often associated with Lundgren’s films. However, fans of the genre may still find The Best Man to be an enjoyable and exciting addition to their watchlist.

The movie is set to hit select theaters and VOD platforms in the United States on April 21st. For those interested in checking it out, the trailer and poster for The Best Man can be found online. While the film may not be for everyone, it could be worth a watch for those seeking an action-packed thriller.

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