The Best Movies That Will Make You Want To Invest In Precious Metals


Whether the protagonist is searching for the elusive yellow metal or exploring great tales about golden treasures, gold makes for good entertainment and is sure to appeal to everyone’s deep-seated need for adventure. Since they grew out of film noir, movies that focus on specific niches like gold and investing build special connections to their audiences who practice the same endeavor, according to the American Statistical Association. So listed below are some of the best movies based around exploring the unknown in hopes of discovering golden riches for viewers who love to invest in precious metals and jewelry. Many of these films are sure to deliver great insights on how to profit from precious metals to stay charged up even during these unprecedented market times.

Ocean's 11

Ocean’s 11

Featuring Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Julia Robers, this classic film is still regarded as one of the greatest heist movies to ever grace the silver screen. A team of 10 master thieves along with Danny Ocean (Clooney) utilized elaborate strategies to rob three different casinos simultaneously. This film has dominated headlines and charts for its well-established plot, epigrammatic screenplay, and incredible delivery of dialogue. Not only does its glittering array of stars make it worth watching, but the director also managed to keep the film moving in a sleek direction. Overall, Ocean’s 11 is filled with a whole lot of nice touches stylistically that provide high entertainment and keep viewers glued to what’s gonna happen next.



Starring Matthew McConaughey, this too-good-to-be-true story takes viewers from the Indonesian jungle to the boardrooms of Wall Street as the protagonist and his geologist friend pitch their discovery of a $30 billion worth of gold bars. Allegedly based on true events, this film is packed with plots leading to third-act twists and interesting nuggets. It shows the pitfalls of working hard and focusing too much on the big picture as portrayed by the characters of this 2016 film. Beneath the solid acting and screenplay is a decent story, one which provides a sense of tension and grip. Towards the end of the movie, there is a huge question mark that leaves viewers thinking and intrigued.



Released in 1964, Topkapi is an entertaining easy watch film that is set in an exotic location that features the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. With all the gold heist movies getting released, nothing gets better than this. Topkapi remains the standard when it comes to robbery films thanks to its interesting script, great ensemble cast, and masterful director. From the beginning until the end, the movie presents a skillful blend of suspense and humor with the magnificent use of Istanbul for its scenic backdrop and colorful location footage. All the highlight parts of the movie revolve around the heist itself, which makes it immensely entertaining and thrilling to watch.

These binge-worthy movies about precious gold and metals are a clever way to make the topic of gold investing both entertaining and educational for every investor. While most of them are portrayed in a less than flattering light, these films will help investors of precious metals understand the economic landscape that may potentially affect their investments.


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