The Best Online Games To Relieve Stress

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There are games for everything these days, and what’s more, more people are playing them. Gaming continues to rise phenomenally, but why exactly do we play them?

Well, for many reasons. Entertainment, socializing, even stress relief. Yes, after a long day at work, many of us switch on our consoles or load up our favorite apps and use gaming as a way of chilling out.

The importance of stress relief is huge, and gaming is becoming a bigger part of that, with many medical professionals even recommending certain styles of games to aid people through the likes of depression, help with addiction and other conditions that see people suffer with their mental health.

In fact, across many rehab clinics, you’ll find consoles and computers available for people to load up and play to develop a sense of calm and aid in any cravings or anxieties they are suffering.

But what are the best games available online to help you relieve stress?



Flow is a simple game and one that is relatively eerie, yet calming all the same. It is a game in which you start out as a tiny organism which grows as you swim around the ocean, consuming other organisms and watching it grow.

It has a simple design, and calming music and the colors offer a really mellow and relaxed vibe.

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Flower Reaction

Flower Reaction is a game that is based all around flowers and fauna. The game aims to use the cursor, which is a flower, to create a chain reaction with other flowers, as they connect and bloom. The game aims to create the largest chain possible.

Visually, it’s incredibly satisfying and is a fantastic game for just spending 10 minutes to try and relax your brain.



Consider yourself a Casanova?

This app is a lovely, friendly, and beautifully simple game that sees you take on the character of a giraffe. The game aims to hold the mouse to extend your giraffe’s neck ofter to another and kiss the giraffe.

It’s just a cute, fun game that has such an incredible ability to calm the mind down.


Sleeping Tiger Jigsaw

Jigsaws have long been known to be calming and the beauty of a tiger sleeping only adds to that.

There are many online jigsaws around these days, but the Sleeping Tiger Jigsaw is our favorite. It’s no different to doing a jigsaw offline and is great for spending half an hour during your lunch break trying to destress, especially.

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