The Best Sectionals For The Ultimate In-Home Movie Experience

In-Home Movie Experience

Of all the interior design trends coming back from the 90s, the section is perhaps the most popular. That’s because sectionals aren’t what they used to be. Today’s sectionals might resemble their vintage counterparts, but they offer much more to the entertainment-laden household. 

Families and housemates that truly enjoy new movies are excited about the ability to stream many movies the same day they are released in theaters. It is generally more comfortable to relax in your own home while watching a movie. In addition, if you prefer to smoke, drink, or even just take bathroom breaks, watching a movie in your home is definitely preferable.

But what would you say if you were told that sectionals are now a requirement for the most versatile entertainment spaces? Sectionals with amazing tech features are not as expensive as you might think. Here are the best sectionals for watching movies and other entertainment.


Modular sectionals are the new conversation pit

Modular sectionals give you more options than you could have ever hoped for with just one sofa. Modular sectionals are those made up of individual cubes. Each cube is a seat, or you can get cubes that perform additional functions. For example, you can get sectional cubes that have a console that flips down from the back of the sofa seat, providing a charging station and/or cup holders.

The best part is that you can rearrange these cubes however you wish, whenever you wish. Each part of the modular sectional is easily maneuverable so that you can create unique arrangements based on that evening’s entertainment and crowd. If you are having a movie night with your significant other, arrange the cubes to form one large comfortable bedlike platform on which you can snuggle while watching the latest romantic comedy.

On the other hand, if you are going to be playing a board game while using the television as an accessory or background, you might want to turn the modular sofa into an O, leaving the middle open for the person currently in the hot seat. You can also create a general conversation pit with ample angles for watching the movie by arranging the sectional into a U shape.


Tech features to look for in your modular sectional

A household that loves movies and movie tech almost certainly relies on data and digital devices to run their home and their life. In addition to offering USB charging stations as a part of consoles with cup holders, you might want to look for sectionals with built-in speakers. For cooler fall or winter nights cuddled in front of the big screen TV, look for a storage sectional that offers hidden and safe places to store extra throws, pillows, and more.


Save by ordering your sectional online

When you order wide sectional sofas online, you will be able to determine the size you want the sectional to be. Since modular sectionals come in pieces, you can easily adapt the sectional to meet your specific needs or interior design elements. Sectionals might seem out of budget, but if you shop online you should be able to find one that you can afford.

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