The Best Wireless Chargers to Use with Thickest Plastic Cases

Our future undoubtedly will be free of wires. You will no longer see people struggling with tangled wires to charge their smartphones. Wireless smartphone chargers are incredibly convenient and let you charge your phone by simply placing it on the surface of the charger. They can be used at your home, in office or even in your car. So it only makes sense that we discuss some of the wireless chargers that go well with thickest plastic cases

Most of the wireless chargers do not work well with the metallic cases because it hinders the electromagnetic induction of the coils. Plastic cases work best for this purpose. No matter how thick your case is, these wireless chargers will provide you with fast and efficient charging.

The first up in the list is:


The Fone Stuff® iPhone 8, 7 Qi Wireless Charging Receiver & Transmitter Case.

Wireless Charging Receiver & Transmitter Case.

This charger has to be on your list if you wish to charge your mobile phone without removing the case. You can install this charger in three convenient steps without the need for extra guidance. Just insert the receiver in the lightning dock, stick it to the center of your phone’s back, place the phone in the protective cover, and your phone connects to the charger.

The charging kit is reliable and meets the CE and FCC certified standards. Not only this, the charger avoids over-charging to save your device’s battery from being damaged. Talking about the charging efficiency, these transmitters and receivers are equipped with the latest Qi technology that charges your device faster. Besides all this, you can carry the charger every day quite unnoticeably while putting your case on.

The charger of the modern era-

The Fone Stuff® Airvent QI Wireless Charger Phone Holder 10W, QC 3.0.

Airvent QI Wireless Charger

Combine the convenience of a wireless charger with a phone stand with this device. If your device is 3.5 inches wide, this charger is a blessing for you with it’s out of the box features. Made with ingenuity alloy, the charger is lightweight yet clamps your mobile firmly while traveling.

You can charge your device within a few minutes because of the conversion rate as high as 75%. Usually, all the car chargers deliver you an output of 5W but, this charger has an output of 10W.

Additionally, the 360-degree rotation universal ball gives you a better viewing angle while driving. Charging your devices while on the go is a fun game with this marvelous wireless charger.

The next wireless charger on the list is the:

Hoco Qi Wireless Charger

Hoco Qi Wireless Charger Aluminium Stand Dock.

This charging dock by Hoco is one of the smartest wireless chargers in the market that comes in a color combination of black and grey. You can let your phone sit on it either vertically or horizontally while charging. Even if you’re charging, it won’t interfere with watching movies, listening to music, or e-book reading.

It charges all your Qi-enabled devices from zero to a full battery in about four hours. The bottom-curved design provides good stability for phones with curved edges and prevents slips from the charging stand. Made up of aluminum, the dock is extremely light in weight and durable.

It meets all the safety standards and resists over-charging, over-current, over-voltage, and is shockproof too. The ultra-matte finish of the charger makes it look quite appealing.

The third charger is:

Floveme® Slim Round 10W Fast Wireless Charger

the Floveme® Slim Round 10W Fast Wireless Charger available in matte black and elegant silver shades.

It often happens that the device slips off the charging pad while charging because of the slippery surface. Don’t worry because we have a solution to this problem of yours. The Floveme charger comes with an anti-slip silicone surface that doesn’t let your phone to slide away.

The charger is only 7mm thick and 95mm in diameter which is extremely compact when it comes to portability. Floveme boasts about the CE FCC RoHS accreditation, meeting all the safety standards.

With the Blue and green LED lights on it, you can always get notified about the charging status of your device. The embedded FOD technology detects foreign objects and has an incredible charging range of 7mm.

Save your electricity while using this charger because of its high conversion rate. With an input of just 5V/2A, you get a high-output of 10W.

Moving on to the next we have:

QI Wireless Dashboard Non-Slip Mat Pad Car Charger.

QI Wireless Dashboard Non-Slip Mat Pad Car Charger.

This charger provides you with the convenience of a wireless charger as well as the phone stand while driving. Keeping your devices juiced up while traveling is a priority and, you can put your phone in your car using the mat pad as a stand for hands-free media viewing and let it charge simultaneously.

This Qi-standard wireless charger has an output of 5V 1A and an Input of 5V, 2A which means it can charge your mobile phone efficiently in a few hours. You can keep your dashboard more organized with this charging pad. The matte silicone anti-slip surface is enough to hold your device firmly over the bumps and potholes.

If portability and power are your two primary considerations when choosing a wireless charging pad then,

Joyroom® Desktop 5W QI Wireless Charger Pad is one of the most portable pads on our list that packs in 5W of power.

Joyroom® Desktop 5W QI Wireless Charger Pad

The smooth texture on the surface is resistant to fingerprints, stains and doesn’t let the phone slip while charging.

It has inbuilt QI Wireless Charging Technology and an enclosed strong coiled magnetic separator that intensifies wireless charging by resonant inductive coupling. The base of the pad can detect metal objects up to 5mm because of the Foreign Object Debris detection technology.

The pad allows you to charge your phone efficiently without removing its case. With only a weight of 43 grams, it will fit in your handbags without using extra space.

These were the mobile phone accessories that will charge your device effectively while you protect it with the thickest plastic case. Though the market is full of such wireless chargers we have picked the best ones for you. We hope this list will help you choose your next purchase.

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