The Bigfoot Documentary ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT: THE DISCOVERY Trailer


Adventurers have been following the trail of Bigfoot for years. There are a collection of blurry videos out there and some have been proved to be fake and silly, but a lot of people think that Bigfoot really exists.

Check out this trailer for a new Bigfoot documentary from Small Town Monsters titled On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery. The movie was directed, edited, written, and narrated by Seth Breedlove.

The movie features “interviews with and evidence collected by members of the Olympic Project.” The synopsis reads, “A Sasquatch research group operating out of the Olympic Peninsula area of Northern Washington believe they have finally uncovered definitive evidence. The Olympic Project was informed of a unique find by a land surveyor in 2016 in an extremely remote part of the peninsula.”

“The discovery alluded to was a series of structures that seemingly defy zoological logic. Members of the Olympic Project believe the structures to be a ‘nest site’ for Bigfoot with massive beds made of woven sticks and underbrush that would require the use of opposable thumbs to construct.”

“Biologists, members of the forest service, and other Bigfoot researchers believe this to be the best evidence ever found for an unknown animal in North America. On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery takes viewers through the process of locating and examining the nest site, as well as relating experiences, had by members of the group in the Olympic Peninsula. Breedlove, when asked about the unique finding featured in the documentary related ‘in 70 plus years of documentaries focusing on this subject, this might be the most fascinating find ever unveiled for an audience.’”

The documentary will be available to buy or you can just rent it on November 2 on a number of platforms from 1091 Pictures, it includes iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW.

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