The Biggest Owners of the Betting Shops

Betting Shops

Have you ever had a thought of what the biggest betting shop would look like? Or even what the best betting site is like? Then your thoughts are well directed. This article completely provides a clear picture of how and where to find the biggest and best of the betting shops around the European market.

Betting can necessarily be practiced across the betting shops and the other modern method of practicing is online. This has led to the rapid growth of the industry from the traditional practices to now the modern methods of practicing gambling-related matters. Below is a simple analysis of the largest betting shops which have thrived in the UK market.


What is a Betting Shop?

A betting shop is a place specifically made for gamblers or people to deposit money in their accounts and place a bet or choose a team based on luck and wait for the outcomes. If the outcomes resemble the choice then the player/gambler will have won the bet. These shops have some legal framework where the shops shall be required to operate. 

For example, the age and bet limit regulations where ages below 18 are not allowed, and also most shops have been restricted from publicly announcing the odds outside the shops. Instead, a notice board is placed inside the shop where more announcements about the odds are made.


The Difference Between Online and Offline Gambling

There is a great difference between betting online and offline as described. Betting online refers to a situation where punters place their bets on the Internet. Here, a player is required to select a site among some UK betting companies that aren’t on Gamstop or ones that follow UKGC rules, then deposit money in the site using a selected payment method that soot his betting needs. Once deposited the gambler is able to enjoy several games for fun as others do it for money. 

This shall involve placing bets for your best team and wait for results that might not necessarily be positive or even participate in an on-going match with another player online whom you might not have met previously. On the other hand, off-line betting involves a player’s physical presence at a betting shop and engage in a betting activity from the same place be it at a local casino or a sportsbook for that matter.

Biggest Owners of Betting Shops

Betting shops vary in size from one shop to the other depending on the type of games the betting shop is offering as described below.

William Hill

William Hill has been for a long time the largest betting shop in Europe with about 2300 shops spread across the UK since its formation in 1934 by the owner William Hill. The company has faced several challenges since its existence which lead to a subsequent change of ownership of the company some time back until it regained its full capacity for operations. 

William Hills Company introduced an online strategy that will make it survive for longer times in the industry. Online gambling came to impress many and it has had many funds as compared to the off land betting which has more cons than pros.


Ladbrokes remains the oldest and also one of the largest betting shops in Europe which date back to 1886. This group owns nearly 4000 betting shops that are spread on the British High Streets for players to enjoy the lucrative experience of gambling. The Ladbrokes company, later on, merged with the Coral company and formed the Ladbroke PLC in 2015

This led to increased competition among bookmarkers which was a positive move in the gambling industry. Due to the rapid technological growth, most players have opted for online gambling which has seen most companies collecting huge amounts of money from online customers as compared to other forms of companies.


Betfred was established from a single shop in Salford in 1967 by two gentlemen, Fred and Peter Done. The shops have been identified as one of the largest independent betting companies in Europe. 

The Company has also been identified as one of the best racing bookmarkers which were brought about by buying the tote in 2011 that increased their exposure in their market.


Apart from the illustrated betting shops above, we do have other gambling activities going on in Europe that have drawn the attention of most sportspeople from different fields. Some of the great companies that have attracted more players include the Kindred Company, 888 Holding Plc, and Unibet Company among others

According to the recent statistics, the number of betting shops has increased due to high levels of gambling experienced in the market and increased awareness among people on the fun behind gambling.

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