The Care You should Take with Your Car’s Brakes

Japan’s Crazy Car Tuning Culture

The proper operation of a vehicle’s brake system is paramount in ensuring the safety of any driver. For this, it is important that some care is taken and that preventive reviews are constantly carried out.

With the brakes, in order, the driver has less risk of accidents, but it is necessary that each part of the system is verified. Ideally, maintenance should include pads, discs, and drums. In this article, we will bring some care tips that each driver must have with the brakes of his car so that no more serious problem occurs. Check out!


When applying brakes

Abrupt brakes increase the possibility of warping the disc and cause the brakes to wear out more quickly. Therefore, it is important that the driver has subtlety when braking. The durability of a car’s braking system is directly linked to the ability of the driver to know how to properly depress the brake pedal. Therefore, attention must be paid in traffic and direction to prevent this type of sudden action from occurring.

A good tip is to use more of the engine brake. Always let your car geared on shorter gears on the slopes. This limits the acceleration of the vehicle, relieves the brakes and even reduces the consumption of gasoline.

Japan’s Crazy Car Tuning Culture

Beware of brake fluid

Inside the brake system, the fluid may be the most important and the least receive attention from the driver. It is synthetic oil that circulates through the system piping and is responsible for transferring the force applied by the driver’s foot on the pedal to the wheels of the vehicle. That is, it transmits the pressure that causes the pads and pellets against the drums and discs inside the brake system to function.

The need for verification of this oil is continuous, preferably weekly; this is due to the fact that the fluid will become contaminated with the time, due to the natural degradations of the system. Depending on the model of the vehicle, it is recommended that the total replacement is made annually or every 10,000km shot.


Attention to discs

Each vehicle is able to alert your driver when some types of problems arise. If at times of stronger braking, or during a ride on a steep ascent or descent, turn on or flash the handbrake light on the dashboard, this is a sign that the pads are well worn, close to finishing or that there is leakage of the brake fluid. There is a relationship between brake-pad wear and brake fluid, so do not complete it if there are leaks in the system. In this case, disc brake replacement may also be necessary.


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