THE CONJURING Creator Developing a New Horror Movie Franchise THE HAUNTED


The Conjuring franchise has captivated audiences with its terrifying tales of the supernatural, and now the creator of The Conjuring, Tony DeRosa-Grund, is embarking on a new horror film franchise called The Haunted. DeRosa-Grund, who developed the original Conjuring movie and shaped its overall trajectory, is known for his success in the genre.

In recent months, exciting news has emerged that a fourth Conjuring movie and a TV series are in the works. However, DeRosa-Grund’s attention has now shifted to The Haunted, which promises to draw inspiration from real-life encounters with terrifying spirits. This new franchise will delve into the stories of the unfortunate victims who have endured harrowing experiences with the supernatural.

According to DeRosa-Grund, The Haunted surpasses The Conjuring in terms of sheer terror and authenticity. The franchise aims to build a universe of its own, expanding through sequels, historical prequels, and spinoffs. It all begins with the dark and horrifying real-life experiences of one family, interwoven with historical facts and legends surrounding a young pregnant woman accused of witchcraft. This convergence places the family in imminent mortal danger, setting the stage for a bone-chilling narrative.

The Haunted franchise plans to explore the multi-generational family’s encounters with malevolent and violently supernatural forces. What sets it apart is the fact that the living individuals involved suffered repeated physical harm, and in some cases, even death. This rare occurrence adds a new layer of terror to the genre, as it highlights the potential vulnerability of anyone facing these dark forces. The family’s struggle becomes an unrelenting battle where escape seems impossible.

Cinedigm, a prominent entertainment company, has announced its partnership with Tony DeRosa-Grund to bring The Haunted to life. Recognizing DeRosa-Grund as a horror heavyweight responsible for The Conjuring’s enormous success, Cinedigm is eager to collaborate on this new paranormal horror franchise based on verifiable actual events. They anticipate that The Haunted will not only surpass expectations but also resonate with horror enthusiasts and wider audiences alike.

Tom Owen, Managing Director of Cinedigm/Bloody Disgusting, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the films’ unique approach to the paranormal. He believes that The Haunted will take viewers on a wild and terrifying journey unlike anything seen before in the genre. Owen is confident that this franchise will set a new standard for horror movies and leave a lasting impact on audiences.

DeRosa-Grund himself is immensely excited about The Haunted, proclaiming it to be superior, truer, and more terrifying than his previous work on The Conjuring. He commends Tom Owen and Brad Miska of Cinedigm/Bloody Disgusting for their support and belief in the project from the very beginning. DeRosa-Grund also expresses gratitude to Cinedigm Chairman Chris McGurk, who not only backed his first feature film but also convinced him to come out of retirement for this thrilling endeavor.

As a horror film fan, the prospect of The Haunted franchise evokes anticipation and curiosity. With its promise of authenticity, terror, and a captivating journey into the world of the paranormal, one can only hope that this new franchise will deliver on its ambitions. In a world hungry for great horror films, The Haunted has the potential to become a new standard-bearer for the genre.

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