The Cost of Being Batman

cost of being batman

We’ve all wanted to be Batman at one time or another, but how much would it cost to actually become Batman?

Of all the superheroes, Batman’s wealth is significantly higher than most – with the possible exception of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Wayne Manor costs $600,000,000 alone with an annual cost of $37,000. Top that off with $80 million worth of cars and a stockpile of weapons calculating more than $10,000 and you will have to save pretty hard to give to become Batman.

Of course, Batman hasn’t saved or taken out a loan to build up his wealth. He was born into the Wayne family fortune and now owns Wayne Enterprises, a multinational organization with departments in technology, shipping, defense, chemicals, and many more. Wayne Enterprises is worth a total of $7 billion.

Take a look at our ‘Cost of Being Batman’ infographic and ask yourself if you could afford to become Batman!

cost of being batman

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