The Day Before Official Gameplay Trailer

The Day Before

Watch the 13 minutes of gameplay in this exclusive trailer for The Day Before thanks to IGN, a new open-world MMO survival set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-eating infected and survivors slaughtering each other for food, weapons, and vehicles.

Check out the new 13-minute gameplay demo of The Day Before released by IGN gives a first look at how the game’s countryside looks and plays. Although this gameplay preview concentrates far more on the survival elements, This new video highlights the significance of vehicle maintenance, looting, and being careful of surroundings. After driving around for a bit, the two players in the demo fall upon an abandoned farm where the players trigger a security alarm that they fail to shut down. This immediately attracts undesired attention from both zombies and other players.

It’s listed as “Coming Soon” on Steam and Fntastic has shown a targeted 2021 release window. That’s not a long time between the announcement and release of the game, so it seems like fast progress must be happening behind the scenes. It’s likely gamers won’t have to wait long for The Day Before.

The Day Before will release for PC only. There’s no word on whether a beta test will take place before the complete launch, or if the game will make it to any other gaming systems.

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