The Effects of Modern Movies on Students 


When you are young, you strive to get more emotions, new experiences, and adventures: you feel freedom and want to use your opportunities to the fullest. When you are in college and work over a pile of home assignments, it doesn`t seem possible, even using help with writing papers. When we can`t realize our desires, we enjoy watching others doing it for us on the screen of the movie theater. Movies fall into different genres, and you try to imitate your favorite characters, their style, and their way of talking. Sometimes it is good while sometimes movies make a negative impact on the young generation.


How movies affect our society

Watching movies help us kind of disconnect from the real world with its challenges and troubles and dive into another reality with adventures and traveling. Movies encourage our imagination and also help to find out what is going on elsewhere in the world. It has been proven by different scientists that watching movies is good: for example, watching horrors can burn around two hundred calories and improves the activity of our brain. But in addition, movies have a definite social impact on us delivering a certain message, which makes them something more than just entertainment.

Some movies tell us about historical events and show them from the point of view we will never learn from textbooks. Some are based on social problems and depict painful experiences and challenges people overcome. Documentary movies reveal the secrets of interesting projects or tell about the life of famous people. But besides the interesting side of this process, there is also an impact that movies make on us, and it can be both positive and negative. For example, movies are:


  1. Source of entertainment

This is probably one of the primary functions of a good movie – to make people have fun and enjoy it. During the last decade, this industry has evolved at a rapid pace. Due to our strong need for relaxation caused by the workload and stress we face every day, movies become the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this. This way we can distract from our problems and improve our mood;


  1. It brings people closer

Going to see a movie together is now a perfect first date (and all other dates as well). Watching a movie with your family members and a company of friends is also a lot of fun. Movies make us become more social, they trigger definite feelings;


  1. They reflect the society

In movies, we can see what exactly people want. A movie is considered successful only when it meets the desire of the audience, or tries to imitate it. People watch only those things they find engaging. However, movies also influence our minds with their information. One of the best examples will be movies that bring to light social issues, real stories and opinions;


  1. Educational source

The movie is a teacher itself. Some meaningful movies broaden our horizons and help us learn about different things, like cultures, history, and lifestyles. Thus, we receive new valuable information and become better;


  1. Commercial value

There are millions of people working in the movie industry, which makes it highly profitable. It also acts as a great source of advertising because companies pay huge money to have their products appear in movies. When you see Jim Carrey eating pizza of a definite company, would you like to try one?

Even though movies are great for many reasons, they are still harmful to your mind, pocket, and eyesight. Besides, if the movie is poorly produced, it can impact young people quite negatively. For example, it can cause an increase in crimes, violence, sexual harassment, and obscenity. In general, movies do have a great capacity to influence people, both negatively and positively. The directors have the power that they need to use wisely while people have the power to choose what to watch.

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