The Ending Of Solo: A Star Wars Story Explained

Solo: A Star Wars

The story of Han Solo has finally been told. From the illicit way he got his ship to the accidental way he got his name, Solo: A Star Wars Story has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the galaxy’s most famous ruffian with a heart of gold. The conclusion of Solo comes down to a whirl of double-crosses, with secret agendas being revealed, and hard-won loyalties being betrayed. Han comes out on top in the end, of course, but things get a little dicey for him and his friends before the credits roll.

Tantalizing story threads are left dangling, with some unexpected appearances hinting at more story to come. It’s a lot to take in all at once. Luckily, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to help even the scruffiest-looking nerf herder make sense of it all. In short, you’re all clear, kid – let’s explain the ending to this thing and go home…

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