The EON Super 64 Will Theoretically Improve Your N64 Without Modifications

EON Super 64

Retro gaming is making a come back. Everyone wants to go back and play their favorite childhood games from golden times of gaming, but they run into the difficulty of retro games look terrible on modern televisions. This has produced a big market for manufacturers to design new ways to enhance the experience and one of the latest discoveries is the Super 64 from EON.

This is one of the most awesome and enhanced modifications I’ve seen as it doesn’t need you to modify your console. It’s a little dongle that plugs into the A/V port of your Nintendo 64 and then by the upgrade of technology, it takes the S-video signal and then scales it to 480p so that it actually looks nice and clean on your UHD TV. It may not be 720p, 1080p, or even 4K, but based on the pictures I’ve seen, it’s a lot better than the base graphics. But the price is problematic. The Super 64 will run about $150, Yep that is quite steep for a 420p enhancement dongle.

You can pre-order the Super 64 on CastleMania now from here if you can afford the price.

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